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The Children’s Village in Auckland is set on 6 acres of land overlooking the Half Moon Bay Marina, in East Auckland.   Situated within a short walk to Eastern and Bucklands Beach, Lloyd Elsmore Park and Pigeon Mountain the facility is well placed in the community.  It provides for children and family living in the greater Auckland region and northern Waikato.  Children living in the East Coast Bays and Western suburbs of Auckland can also attend as they have a choice staying with us or the team at Whangarei.

The contemporary, purpose built facility includes an exciting home and school environment with great sea views and a family development unit complete with separate accommodation.



The contemporary, purpose built facility includes an exciting home and school environment with great sea views and a family development unit complete with separate accommodation.

Special features that you will enjoy include an art and craft room, confidence course, playground, trampolines, a games room with pool table, foosball, computers and Wii.  The fully enclosed central courtyard has a giant chess set, a playhouse and a marble track.  We design a programme for each group that includes a range of activities and adventures on and off site that will excite and extend you.

Our range of activities and adventures include bikes, hiking, fishing, kayaking, skateboarding and BMXing at the local track, cultural and educational visits to venues of significance, Kapa Haka, disco night, talent quest nights and big screen movies are included in the programme

Usually you will stay with us for up to five weeks at a time and can return for further stays.  The length and structure of a child’s stay can be very flexible and children can still attend important family events, sports practise, church, etc. 

The children’s houses are arranged in age and gender, we have two boys houses, twelve boys aged 5 to 8, eleven boys aged 8 to 12 and twelve girls aged 5 to 12.  The houses are beautifully appointed with each child having their own bed space in a pod of four and a shared lounge.  Each bed space is complete with cupboards, drawers and a display area for photographs, certificates and awards that you will earn while staying with us.  Children are encouraged to bring a special toy with them, photos of the family/whanau, and other treasures that will allow you to feel comfortable.

Working with the team at the Children’s Village will be a really positive time and a great deal of fun, but there is also some work for you to do!  Your work will aim to achieve whatever is in your careplan that your social worker puts together with you and your family. 

We will also be expecting that you learn how to look after yourself, respect others and your environment, use your manners, develop values and learn to make choices for yourself. 

You will have opportunities to learn about your family, staying in control of you, making friends, mastering some new skills, showing your talents and strengths, making wise choices and thinking for yourself, and being able to care for others and give them a helping hand. 

You will also come into contact with some awesome role models in our team and they will be encouraging you to trust, learn, make positive choices and friendships, give what you can to others and make the most of you and your life.

You will also be expected to continue and work hard with your school learning but no homework! – hurray!

The Children’s Village has an awesome teaching team, with small class sizes and this should help you catch up on lots of school work or extend you if you are already up to your right level.  We have great interactive technology and lots of computers that you will get to use every day.

We always celebrate birthdays and depending on the time of year we also try to celebrate what is happening in the community such as Easter, Guy Fawkes, Christmas, and Matariki.

We also have a programme for Mums, Dads and other Caregivers.  This aims to help them build their skills in looking after you.  So while you are at the Children’s Village they will be doing some work as well!

We also work with a lot of other “family helpers” who will support your family during your journey with us.  Help with school, help for mum and dad, help with money and housing are all examples of the other support services we can connect your family with.  While you are doing your work we will work with the adults in your life to get what they need so they can take better care of you so that together you can be a strong and caring family.

Nearly all of the kids who come to the Children’s Village have a great time and some are even sad when it is time to leave us to go home.  If you agree to come to Camp, and yesyou have a choice in this, you are guaranteed a fun programme that will be enjoyable and will also challenge you.  Your staff will help you with all the challenges that we put before you during your stay and we hope that you will enjoy this supportive way of working together to help you achieve the best that you can.

We hope you enjoy the photos of the Children’s Village and some of the things we do.  If you are still unsure we encourage you to come and have a look around, meet some of the staff and have a talk with them about your worries and hopes before you make your decision to come.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Tu Maia Whanau

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